The Center for Fine Art Photography's "Black & White" Exhibition's reception was on August 5th, 2016.  I was fortunate enough to have my work chosen for the show by Juror Rodney Smith and my piece, "A Cat in a Hat" chosen as DIRECTOR'S HONORABLE MENTION by Director, Hamidah Glasgow.  The show was filled with a wide range of beautiful black and white images.  I was honored to have been among the artists chosen for the show.  Here are a few photos from the reception.  

Amazingly, my piece was chosen to represent the show in the Poster that was distributed in Ft. Collins to advertise the exhibition.

My Piece, "A Cat in a Hat" shown with some other beautiful work.

Process:  Wet Plate Collodion 8"x10" Original Image.
30"x40" Printed on Anodized Aluminum.
Edition: II, 1/9
Series: "Double Plate"

Me standing next to my work. :) 

One of the best parts of going to the shows are meeting the other wonderfully talented artists and listening to their stories.  This was a wonderful night of black and white photography...I'm very happy I came to see the other work and meet the artists involved.  Many thanks to Juror Rodney Smith and Director Hamidah Glasgow for having my work in the show. :)

- James Weber