Roarie Yum

What can I say, Roarie Yum is one of the most unique models I've had the pleasure to work with.  She has such passion for what she does and an ability to speak using just her form.  Graceful and soft in one breath, powerful and strong in the next.  It was a wonderful experience.  She travels around the world making beautiful art for a living,  making many a photographers life more interesting.  What better way to see the world is there? :)  Thank you for giving me an evening of your time, Roarie.  It was truly a pleasure.

All wardrobe designs provided by Adrina Dietra Graham

We started off the night shooting a few Tintypes and Ambrotypes.  

This is a photo of the ground glass as I'm focusing.  The image you see here is flipped vertically and horizontally as the light enters the lens.

8"x10" on Black Aluminum

We had enough time for one more plate...a more classic nude.

Photo by Rico Elvina

Photo by Rico Elvina

8"x10" on Black Aluminum

As Wet Plate takes a lot of time, and Roarie only had a limited amount of time that night, we moved on to shoot the figure studies and a few of Adrina's beautiful pieces. 

A fun shot of us at the end of the day. :)

Many thanks to Rico Elvina for helping out with the wet plate images and taking the behind the scenes photos.